iPhone SE 4 Price Hike on the Horizon

The iPhone SE is in dire need of a facelift. With its Touch ID home button and thick bezels, Apple’s compact smartphone remains the last vestige of the classic design in the lineup. But not for much longer?

The iPhone SE holds a unique position within Apple’s extensive smartphone family. It was designed to fill the mid-range niche, despite its price (starting at $429) edging towards the upper segment. The latest version, launched in 2022, already lagged behind what Android competitors offered. Two years later, without a price drop, it’s tough to recommend this model.

Apple is hard at work on a new generation, the fourth, which promises a complete overhaul, starting with the design. Rumors suggest a look similar to the iPhone 14, which would mean the end of the Touch ID home button. The new SE is expected to feature Face ID with a notch, a USB-C port, and possibly even an action button.

The screen, with slim bezels, is set to switch from the current LCD to OLED, boasting a 6.1-inch display — a significant upgrade from the current 4.7 inches. According to The Information, the iPhone SE 4 is slated for next year, likely in the spring. Despite all these upgrades, it’s intended to remain a “budget-friendly” option… as much as anything can be budget-friendly in Apple’s world.

So, what does “budget-friendly” mean? According to a leak from Revegnus, who has a mixed track record with rumors, Apple might increase the price by 10% in the U.S. This would keep the device under $500, as it currently costs $429 excluding taxes.

The bad news is that the leaker also predicts a 15% price hike elsewhere in the world, potentially pushing the price to around €600 in Europe.

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